One Bedside Bachelors Chest Complete!

Bedside Dresser Bachelors Chest Completed Feature (3 of 1)

My husband's Bedside Bachelors Chest is complete. I like it but I don't completely love it.  If you remember, it was supposed to look something like this... But with this antiquated hardware. I use the word antiquated in a good way because I think it looks really nice. I'd seen several bloggers make these knock off antiques. I knew I could get those "T" plates and "L" brackets at the hardware store and spraypaint them the exact color I wanted. What I didn't anticipate was how darn … [Continue reading...]

Building a Bedside Dresser

Build a Bedside Dresser Feature-1

Building a Bedside Dresser I've finished one of the two bedside dressers that I set out to build.  I just finished taking a few photos and I promise to show you the finished piece this week. I've never built anything with drawers before so I turned to The Design Confidential for plans. I choose a Campaign Style Dresser for the hubs side of the bed. It was supposed to look something like this... Only with the top drawer being swapped out for a shelf as I mentioned here. The overall … [Continue reading...]

Wayfair Inspired Diy Bench Tutorial

Wayfair Inspired Diy Bench Feature 2-1

Diy Bench I've been busy building and one of my most recent projects was this Diy Bench that I made for the narrow space between the master bathroom and my closet. Before I get into all of the details, let me tell you how I stumbled upon this design. Everyday I peruse the web looking […]

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Diy Upholstered Settee Reveal Pt. 3

Diy Upholstered Settee Pt. 3 Feature-1

Diy Settee Reveal So today is finally the day.  The day that I’ve been anxious to  get to.  The day that I reveal the Diy settee that I worked so darn hard on. In case you’re just joining us, you can read all about how I hacked an Ikea chair to build the settee frame […]

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Diy Upholstered Settee Pt. 2

Diy Upholstered Settee Pt. 2-32

Diy upholstered settee…How I did it. Finally after about a month this DIY Upholstered Settee is finally completed. I’m warning you in advance that this is only part 2 of 3.  There are just so many steps that I don’t want to cram them into one post. The big delay was the fabric.  It wasn’t […]

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Diy Settee Pt. 1

DIY Upholstered Settee Feature

While I’ve been waiting on supplies for the window treatments in the master bedroom, I got a jump start on another project that I decided to tackle at the last minute.  I said I was itching to build something and since I have not finalized the details on the bedside tables, I took a shot […]

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Diy Striped Pillow that didn’t make the cut


Painted Striped Pillow Tutorial  I wanted to show you a quick tutorial on how to make a painted striped pillow. This all started when I found my duvet set for our master bedroom. The images featured it with gold accents and an awesome gold pillow.  This image took my inspiration in a totally different direction. […]

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