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It's time to spill the beans. Yes, we are expecting our first Baby. Can you see the excitement in our faces? We've kept this a secret for a really long time. Our family & friends have known for quite a while but I just never got around to posting it on the blog. I'm sure you understand the long absence from blogging now. Those first three months took every bit of strength I had just to get through my work day. I had barely any energy to do anything. When I hit my second trimester the … [Continue reading...]

Diy window sill and trim. My recent project.

My current project

My oh my, where has time gone? It seem like just last week, I was posting about my new wood floors. Although I have not posted in over 6 months, I won't say that I've stopped blogging. It's been more like "creating with the intent to blog." It has been so hard to dedicate time to my craft let alone make time to blog about it. Things have been happening around here and I've meant to write a post but it just never happened. Today I forced myself to get down to business, edit some photos and write … [Continue reading...]

Hardwood Floor Install & Details

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I finally got around to snapping some photos of these floors. I was so excited about them that I’ve been Swiffering them almost daily. So how did I get here?  Well remember I talked about repairing the subfloor myself. Well due to some structural issues with the steel beams in my basement and house settling, […]

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In in the home stretch


I was supposed to come back with updated photos of my bathroom cabinet but got sidetracked when my flooring came in. The cabinet is finished but I have not photographed it for you yet. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then this is no surprise to you. We called the pros to repair […]

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I’m building again! Linen Cabinet

Diy Bathroom Linen Cabinet_015

I’m just going to jump in here and pretend I have not been M.I.A. My floors are still a work in progress so I’ve moved on to something that would give me some instant gratification and hopefully help me get back into the groove of doing what I enjoy most. Building. Remember our master bedroom […]

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