I’m building again! Linen Cabinet

Diy Bathroom Linen Cabinet_015

I'm just going to jump in here and pretend I have not been M.I.A. My floors are still a work in progress so I've moved on to something that would give me some instant gratification and hopefully help me get back into the groove of doing what I enjoy most. Building. Remember our master bedroom project from last summer? I totally changed the bedroom around but I left the master bathroom a mess. We weren't sure what we wanted to do with the bathroom and I even threw out a few possible changes. The … [Continue reading...]

How Soon Turned Into Four Months…..

Way back in prehistoric times when I began this flooring journey, it seemed like it would be a straight forward project. Then halfway through I changed my mind and wanted prefinished wood in all three spaces. In other words, I got lazy. I even considered hiring the entire job out. I got so frustrated with this floor that I was willing to pay someone thousands of dollars to do the work that I'd been dying to do for three years. That frustration came at one of the worst times possible. Two of my … [Continue reading...]

Lets Confront our Floors

Foyer_Dining Room_Office Flooring_Aug_2014_1

This may have been the longest time I’ve gone without blogging. To my faithful readers, I do want to apologize. There hasn’t been anything “interesting” going on lately. I’ve spent a ton of time dreaming up new ideas and trying to make decisions. What will my next project be? What do I “want” to do […]

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All Things Bedroom Related Sources


OK, get your mind out the gutter. This post is about all the things used to remodel my bedroom. It took me so long to finish the room that most of the bedroom sources are spread across several posts. Here I will list where everything came from. Pay special attention to the links. I placed good […]

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