Fancy Burlap Wreath…..on the cheap

I know I promised to be back today with a tutorial on how to make the Faux Natural Stone Counter top.

But I thought I’d take the time to show a cute and easy craft that you could knock out just in time for the holidays.

Today I’m going to show you how I made a fancy burlap wreath to decorate my front door for the holidays and spent less than $25.

 When I first saw these wreaths on Etsy I was ready to buy.

Courtesy of Whimsy Chic Designs on Etsy

Photo Courtesy of The Creative Hand on Etsy

Why wouldn’t I?  They are pretty, simple and have a organic look to them. All the things I love but then the part of my conscience that controls the budget piped up and said,”$65 for a wreath is too much.”   As much as I like to support small businesses, I cannot bring myself to pay for something I can make for cheap and I would not have to wait 5-7 business days for the wreath to ship.

I hot-tailed it over to Joann’s Fabric and purchased 12 yards of Natural burlap fabric on sale for $2.99/yd. (only 3 yd needed for the wreath.) I also bought two artificial Christmas Magnolias, a Fraser Fir pick, a roll of ivory ribbon and a Wreath frame.  All the other supplies needed I already had in my craft inventory.


  1. Artificial Christmas Magnolias
  2. 10 yards of 2 1/2″ Satin Ribbon
  3. 3 yards of Natural Burlap
  4. Hot Glue Gun
  5. 10-15 Hot Glue Sticks
  6. Fish Wire or Beading Cord
  7. Glitter (Optional)
  8. Artificial Frasier Fir Pick
  9. Measuring Tape
  10. Fabric Scissors
  11. 18″ Wreath Frame

I’m going to try and break this down as simple as I can for you.  So here we go…


  • I measured out 3 yards of burlap fabric and prepared it for use.
  • I cut four 10” wide strips from the entire length of the fabric to equal 10″ x 108″.
  • I folded each one in half and pinned.

  • I stitched a 1/2 inch from the edge of each strip creating 4 sleeves.
  • I then stitched again just above my previous stitch but created 2” pleats as I went along.

  • I did a test fit of the pleats on the wreath frame.
  • Once I figured out how the pieces would fit I began hot gluing the pleated fabric to the wreath frame.
  • I was sure to press the pleats firmly to the frame and underlying pleats.

  • When I got to the end of a pleated piece, I simply tucked the rough ends and hot glued them out of sight.
  • I measured and cut enough ribbon to circle the center hole of the wreath 4 times.
  • I stitched down the middle of the ribbon creating 1” pleats as I went along.


  • Can you see where I am pointing here?  Because my embellishments will attach here, it’s not a big deal that the ruffles don’t meet perfectly.

  • Being extra careful not to cut too close to my stitching, I trimmed the excess fabric from the inside circle of the wreath.
  • I hot glued the ribbon ruffle to the inside circumference of the wreath.

  • Once dry, I hot glued the upper portion of the ribbon ruffle to the outer surface of the wreath.
  • I flipped the wreath over and hot glued every pleat that was sticking up from the inside circumference of the wreath.
  • I snipped the Fraser Fir pick to the desired lengths and clipped the Christmas Magnolias and foliage from their stems.

  • I did a test fit of the foliage and flowers on the wreath.
  • Once I was content with the placement, I began hot gluing each piece.

  • First was the Fraser Fir pieces…
  • Then came the foliage from the Magnolias…
  • Last came the Magnolias themselves.

Once everything was dry, I attached fish wire to the back of the wreath frame, covered the wire with leftover pleated ribbon and hung it on my front door.

Isn’t it Pretty?

There you have it.  Fancy, Cheap and fairly Easy.

If you cannot sew or don’t have access to a sewing machine, the pleats/ruffles are a little challenging.

They can however, be achieved using hot glue. Be prepared to use a ton of pins and have burnt fingertips. :-)

I wish I would have investigated other options for purchasing the burlap.  The one I got from Joann’s was heavier than I imagined  and didn’t drape the way I thought it would.  After doing some research, I found several  other Burlap options here and I plan on making a purchase soon.



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