Agenda-Things to get done in the next year.

This post will probably seem like a bit of a brain dump so bear with me if you were expecting some super organized list with dedicated timelines and such.

Agenda 2014 Feature-1

After last years goals didn’t go as planned, I’m taking a different approach.  When it comes to projects, my brain is all over the place. I live in this house so I walk into most rooms everyday and everyday I see something I want to change.  Sometimes my dreams get out of hand so I have to reign myself in and regroup.

The first two years in this house, I focused mainly on the first floor, specifically the rooms that visitors to my house would come in contact with.  Making the powder room, kitchen and family room presentable and enhancing the entry. Recently I’ve turned my attention to the second floor.  My intentions were to just build the king sized bed.  Somehow, it turned into a whole room renovation that seems to have no end.

At this point I want to focus on completing existing projects and planning for future updates.

First up on the agenda is completing my current projects.

Incomplete Projects

Master Bedroom

  • The master is close to complete.  Aside from accessorizing I still need to…
    1. Finish the Settee …..In Progress
    2. Build a bench for the hubs …..In Progress
    3. Build 2 Bedside tables/dressers …..Lumber has been ordered
    4. Install a chandelier Still looking

Refresh the Master Bathroom

Master Bath Before 3_2014-1

  • The hubs removed the peeling wallpaper . The bathroom is tiny but it has more storage than we could ever need. The plan is to freshen up this bathroom by…
    1. Replacing the countertop
    2. Replacing the sink & faucet
    3. Painting the walls and vanity
    4. Rebuilding the storage closet
    5. Upgrading the lighting and fan
    6. Possibly stencil an accent wall

His Master Closet

Master Bedroom Progress October 11 2013 (13 of 15)

  • After I knocked a hole in the wall, I pretty much closed this space off with the new door and forgot about it.  The plans for “His” closet are to…..
    1. Build fully customized shelving and drawers.
    2. Update the lighting
    3. Close off the doorway to the guest bedroom

Planned Future Projects

Her Master Closet

Her Master Closet Before 3_2014-1

  • I am super-duper excited to finally have my own closet.  We are currently sharing the closet and it’s a hot mess. I plan to….
      1. Rip out everything
      2. Build shelving /drawers/shoe storage
      3. Build a small vanity with jewelry organizer
      4. Update the lighting with a glitzy mini-chandelier
2nd Floor Hallway
2nd Floor Hallway 3_2014
  • When I renovated the staircase last summer, I stopped at the top of the stairs. To pull that space together I’m going to…..
    1. Rip up the carpet and refinish the floor to match the stairs.
    2. Wall off the linen closet
    3. Build a matching Newel Post at the top of the stairs
    4. Continue the Board & Batten across the long wall in the hallway
    5. Replace the other four doors and hardware
    6. Add a nice carpeted runner to hallway
    7. Replace the boob lights

New Hardwoods in the Entry, Dining Room & Office

  • Two of the three rooms have hardwoods but none of them match.  The entry has linoleum that has to go. I’ve got two options for this flooring debacle….
    1. Option one includes ripping up the linoleum and installing new hardwoods in all three rooms over the existing flooring
    2. Option two would mean only installing unfinished hardwoods in the Entry and then having all three rooms refinished.

New Carpet in the Family Room

  • The blue has run its course.  Its time for something new and less restrictive. This room is on a concrete slab and there are some low spots.
    1. Level out the low spots
    2. Replace the baseboards around the room if the new carpet isn’t as thick as the current.

Renovate the Office

  • The hubs and I spend a great amount of time in our office.  Probably more than we spend in the family room.  We each have a desk but there isn’t much storage.  I plan on really fancying up this space.
  1. Built-in desks with floor to ceiling bookcases and shelving.
  2. Build a window seat/file cabinet under the window or
  3. Get two arm chairs for a reading nook under window

Side Projects

  • Build a Storage Shed
  • Build some Adirondack Chairs
  • Build Linen Storage Cabinet
  • Window Treatments Galore
These goals seem more obtainable.  It feels good to have my plans listed and prioritized. Of course there will be some surprise projects along the way but these are my ongoing goals.
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  1. says

    I love what your master closet will or does look like now! Amazing! I have the same layout as your old look so I would love to copy your new one. Do you have any suggestions on where to purchase the drawers and shoe shelves or did you build those yourself? Thanks!

  2. Regina says

    I’m exhausted and all I did was read the plans…. I’m sure everything will turn out wonderful. There are a couple of projects I would like to watch you do for inspiration for home.


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