TableTop Grill Cart Diy

Tabletop grill cart diy

Table Top Grill Cart 20-2

This was one of those instant gratification building projects. It took me less than two hours to build and it solved my problem of not having a dedicated space for my tabletop grill. When we renovate our outdoor living space, we plan to upgrade our grill to something more substantial. In the meantime, I needed something to sit my grill on that didn’t take up too much space and was mobile.

I used Ana Whites Simple Rolling Bar Car plans and tweaked them to fit my grill.

The feet of the tabletop grill need 18″ of space front to back so I modified the end aprons and all the shelf slats by adding 4″ to the length. I also shortened the legs because I was using 4″ casters that I already had.

The supplies cost me less than $30 including the spray paint which cost $9 for three cans.

Table Top Grill Cart 06

I drilled pocket holes into the ends of the front and back aprons to make two rectangular frames. Then I screwed and glued the legs to the frames using countersunk 2-1/2″ Spax screws.

Table Top Grill Cart 07

It was imperative that this be 100% level. If it wobbled then the casters will never work properly.

I needed a towel bar and I didn’t like the pipes that Ana suggested in her plans so I built one using some scraps and a 1″ wooden dowel.

I first cut a piece of wood to 3″x4″. I cut the ends of the wood at a 45° angle then cut a 1/2″ off the pointy tip.

Table Top Grill Cart 08

Next I took an inch off the bottom of the pieces.

Table Top Grill Cart 09

Then I clamped the pieces together and sanded them as round as I could get them. My patience with my palm sander didn’t last very long so I settled on the shape below

Table Top Grill Cart 10

While they were still clamped together, I drilled a tiny hole through both pieces. Then I flipped them over and drilled counter sink holes through one side of each piece.

Table Top Grill Cart 11

I secured each piece and bore a 1/4″ deep hole through the opposite side of each piece with a 1″ Forstner Bit. I used the tiny hole as my center and I got perfect recesses. I cut the dowel to length and then glued and screwed the pieces and the rod together. When the glue dried, I screwed the bar to the cart from the inside.

Table Top Grill Cart 12

I used a 1/4″ piece of plywood as a spacer and added my slats using glue and 2″ brad nails. I filled all the nail and screw holes with wood filler and sanded the surfaces smooth.

Table Top Grill Cart 13

When it was time to prime, I used my tried and true Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Based primer. I primed the underside and bottom parts first. Then I flipped it over and primed the top and sides.

I repeated the same process with the spray paint only I gave the bottom two coats before flipping over. I sprayed between the slats before spraying the rest of the cart.

Table Top Grill Cart 14

After 4 coats of Rustoleum Painters Touch 2x in Satin Paprika I let the cart dry overnight.

Since this will sit outdoors I used Minwax Spar Urethane in Satin finish to seal the paint. This is my first time using an oil based spar urethane so I don’t know how well it will protect. To be on the safe side, I followed the instructions on the can and applied 4 coats.

Table Top Grill Cart 15

Amongst my collection of junk, I found this stainless steel “S” hook bar. I attached it to the opposite side of the cart for my utensils to hang on. I also added the casters to the bottom.

The size is perfect for my shabby deck. There’s enough room to hold the grill and somewhere to sit things down.

Table Top Grill Cart 16

Before I could add my grill It needed some attention. I scrubbed it down with Bar Keepers Friend and removed the legs and handles.

Table Top Grill Cart 03

The blue clashed with the new paprika colored cart so I hit it with the High Heat spray paint designed specifically for this type of application.

Table Top Grill Cart 04

Now it looks much better.

Table Top Grill Cart 05

And my tabletop grill now has a home.

Table Top Grill Cart 19 Table Top Grill Cart 18

Table Top Grill Cart 01

Table Top Grill Cart 20

This is the type of “Instant Gratification” that even Amazon cannot provide.

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  1. says

    Hi I just found your excellent blog through the Ana White site. I have a quick question when you say you changed the legs cutting size from Ana White’s list because you used 4 inch casters do you mean 4 inch wide casters or 4 inch high. Sorry for my stupid question Many thanks

  2. gaga says

    Very impressive! You do a very neat and professional job. You are correct about Ana’ s plans, they adjustable so that one can customize .Ana has made making things possible! Where was she when I was younger!

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